Important Information

The documents below include the Restructuring Plan for the liquidation of ELNY as well as other materials related to the company's liquidation.

Restructuring Plan Liquidation Order Notice of Liquidation GABC Notice Letter Final Schedule 1.15* (For a more detailed version of Schedule 1.15, click here.)

* Pursuant to the Restructuring Plan, Schedule 1.15 was updated post-Closing based on the actual Closing Date assets and liabilities. This is the updated version of Schedule 1.15 and will serve as the final version of Schedule 1.15. Going forward, Schedule 1.15 will be changed only if new information demonstrating that information in Schedule 1.15 is manifestly incorrect is discovered. This version of Schedule 1.15 reflects any such changes made through March 7, 2014. Although it is possible that there will be changes due to newly discovered information in the future, and those changes will be implemented by GABC, the version of Schedule 1.15 posted on this website will not be updated further.