Facilitation Plan

We understand that many owners of ELNY structured settlement annuities (SSAs) intend to make payments to payees under the SSAs they own, in order to supplement the benefits that are to be provided under the Restructuring Plan. Under the Restructuring Plan, benefit payments under each restructured annuity contract will be paid by GABC as they become due and payable. The parties developed the Facilitation Plan to assist SSA owners in making supplemental payments to SSA payees and in coordinating such payments with the benefit payments being made by GABC.

The link below titled "Facilitation Plan Summary" contains a brief overview of the Facilitation Plan.

If you are an owner of one or more ELNY structured settlement annuities and are interested in becoming a party to the Facilitation Plan, or if you have any questions about the Facilitation Plan, please contact GABC at 800-421-8850. For other questions about SSAs you own, please contact GABC at 800-421-8850.

Facilitation Plan Summary